Customizing the Status Bar in iOS7

One of the great new features of the iOS7 SDK is being able to match the status bar at the top of the device with your app, which gives the illusion of more real estate to the end user.  With iOS7, it is recommended you take advantage of this new feature to have a neat iOS7 app.

On AppCoda, there’s currently a tutorial on how to set up the status bar, navigation bar, and the GUI objects to make a seamless interface.  They also illustrate how to completely rid the user of the status bar altogether, which should be used sparingly but it is now at least an option.

The navigation bar in iOS7 has moved away from the glossy blue/black layout to a more 2D approach that matches the general aesthetic of iOS7 and eliminates effects and falls back on to normal color swaps to signify active buttons.  No more gloss!

The tutorial runs through some of the parameters you can set in Xcode to get the desired results, and it’s very simple.  They also show you how to make the status bar transparent so that other effects or patterns can be visible on it as well, and you’re not just married to a single color for its customization.

Using iBeacons for Your iOS7 Games

Over on Mobile Tuts+, there is a new tutorial posted to get you acclimated with using iBeacons, a new service that’s part of iOS7.  iBeacon utilizes Bluetooth to operate and allows you distance profiles to track movement and range.

The tutorial is very basic, and implements a “Hot and Cold” type game where you can set iBeacons and have users home in on them once they receive the information on their own devices.  This could be very useful for scavenger hunt or hide-and-seek type of games and have a sense of augmented reality to them as well.  Google recently delved into this category of gaming with Ingress, which for now is an Android exclusive game.

While there’s no real GUI to develop with the Mobile Tuts+ example, colors are used as indicators and it wouldn’t be hard to design your own interface using the basic framework presented by the website.  It’s great to see gaming becoming much more easier within the iOS7 SDK, which will further offload the legwork that has been required for quite some time now.